Volume I, Issue 1 (Download Full Issue)
Editorial Note
Page No.
1. Author(s): Aparna Mallick 1 - 12
Paper Title: The Right to Physical Hearing in International Arbitration in Times of Pandemic
2. Author(s): Sivananda R. 13 - 20
Paper Title: Bayer Corporation v. Union of India– A Fight between Necessity and Cupidity
3. Author(s): Susan Joshy 21 - 29
Paper Title: The Ever-Mounting Crime of the Connected World: Identity Theft
4. Author(s): Abhigna Valusa 30 - 39
Paper Title: Procedural Requirements for Performance of Marriage under The Special Marriage Act, 1954
5. Author(s): Sparsh Jain 40 - 48
Paper Title: Provisions Concerning Extra Territorial Jurisdiction Under the Information Technology Act, 2000
6. Author(s): Parishi Jain 49 - 53
Paper Title: Hong Kong: A Land Which Neither Let’s You Stay, Nor Let’s You Leave
7. Author(s): Divvela Jyothirmai Anusha 54 - 67
Paper Title: The Legality of Prostitution in India: An Extensive Analysis