I. The Truth and Youth Law Journal follows an elaborate double-blind review procedure. The Editorial Board strives hard to ensure that all authors are kept posted regarding the latest status of their manuscripts as it progresses through each phase of the review. The notification regarding publication or required corrections will be communicated via mail within 15 days post submission.

II. The Editorial Board retains absolute discretion over the acceptance/rejection of all manuscripts.

III. After the preliminary review, a tentatively approved manuscript might be sent to the author(s) for rectifications concerning structure/formatting or content. If the author(s) fails to incorporate the suggestions of the Editorial Board and re-send their manuscript in the specified time duration; then the Editorial Board is vested with the authority to disregard the submission.

IV. If the manuscript is sanctioned for publication, the Copyright over the submission shall vest with the TAY Law Journal. Nevertheless, the moral rights over the submission will be safely endowed with the original author(s).

V. Post the Google Form submission, the authors are expected to refrain from submitting the same manuscript on any external forum until they receive a final confirmation regarding the approval/dismissal of their submissions.

VI. Once the manuscript is published in the book, the author(s) must not submit it elsewhere as it will be considered as a violation of the Editorial Policy and will result in legal action against the author(s).

VII. If a manuscript is rejected for publication on the TAY Law Journal, all willing authors can request a personalised ‘Review Report’ from the Editorial Board, and our editors will be more than glad to identify any flaws or blemishes in the submission and incorporate expert suggestions to enhance and embellish the quality of the submission so that it secures greater chances of publication in futurity.

VIII. All authors must take note of the fact that the TAY Law Journal securely stores the personal data provided by the authors during the Google Form submission in order to facilitate correspondence with the authors in the future (or if be necessary). TAY Law Journal has a zero-tolerance policy against ‘negligent data handling’ and no third-parties are ever granted access to the confidential information provided by the authors.

IX. The authors are advised to refrain from submitting manuscripts including remarks targeted to provocate communal hatred, racism, gender inequality, political backlash, or any other objectionable or inappropriate remark that might tend to hurt the sentiments of any particular individual, community, sect, or religion. If such remarks are identified in a submission, the Editorial Board holds the right to disregard the submission.

X. The Editorial Board is empowered to amend minor errors in the manuscript including (but not limited to) grammar, punctuation, formatting, structure, or the title. The authors will be duly notified of all such moderations during the review process.

Contributor Declaration

I, the author/co-author of the Manuscript hereby agree that I have carefully read the Editorial Policy of the TAY Law Journal and I solemnly declare that my manuscript is in compliance with the submission guidelines to the best of my knowledge. I take full responsibility for the veracity of the submission and in case of any dispute, the Editorial Board of the TAY Law Journal shall not be held liable.