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Current Issue (Vol. I Issue 3)
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. S. K. Gupta

Managing Director, Registered Valuers Organization, Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

Truth and Youth Law Journal (TAYLJ) is an Open Access, online quarterly Peer-Reviewed, multi-disciplinary national journal, established in January 2021, published by Truth and Youth. This is a national initiative undertaken by the students from the National Law Universities. It is well known that the landscape of scholarly publishing is changing rapidly. There is an emergence of new perspectives among publishers, reviewers and authors that has eventually resulted in new requirements and expectations across disciplines. The main objective of TAY.L.J. is to provide a channel for expressing the views of persons in the field of law.

We welcome professional researchers, lawyers, scholars and students from various fields in law. In addition, the knowledge of the law is an issue of shifting interest to a general skill level. The singularity of the journal is that, it operates without any legal theme, so as to provide a reasonable opportunity to those who are interested in the field to express their views accordingly. The purpose of TAY.L.J. is to provide a stage and platform to the students for showing their research and learning skills. We emphasize more on skill development through legal research, academic writings and various other activities that can make a substantive difference in career ahead. We intend to be a leader in facilitating a new type of discussion in various areas of law and similar disciplines. TAY.L.J. publishes the manuscripts revolving around Law and other similar disciplines

About the Editor-in-Chief

Address: C 101 Lagoon Apartments, Ambience Island, Sector 24, Gurgaon- 122010. 

Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta

Dr. S. K. Gupta is a Post Graduate in Commerce (Gold Medalist), FCS, FCMA, Ph.D. (Corporate Governance) with over 40 years of corporate experience in leadership positions with various public and private sector organizations in the domains of Finance, Costing, Internal Audit, Legal and Company Secretarial functions. He has dealt with Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate restructuring, AntiDumping Duty and Corporate Governance mechanisms. Currently Dr. Gupta is the Managing Director of Registered Valuers Organization of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. He was earlier MD and CEO of the IPA of Institute of Cost Accountants of India. He has chaired and addressed a large number of national and international seminars and conferences. He is a prolific writer. He has written over 200 articles and research papers which are regularly published in various professional journals.